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Periodic Reporting

Third Cycle exercise | 2018-2024

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Access to specific State Party or World Heritage property Periodic Reporting questionnaire is restricted to designated national focal points and World Heritage site managers. 

Completing the questionnaire

Sections I and II of the revised questionnaire have been pre-filled by the World Heritage Centre with information contained in official documents. However, site managers and national focal points are invited to complete and update this information.

Filling in the questionnaire requires the gathering of substantial amounts of information. Hence, the time necessary to fill in the questionnaire depends on the availability and accessibility of this information. It is recommended to start the exercise as soon as possible in order to get an overview of the information needed and to effectively organise the work.

Section I and II

Section I of the questionnaire concerns the application of the World Heritage Convention at State Party-level, while the Section II concerns the implementation at World Heritage property-level. 

Each World Heritage site manager is responsible for completing Section II of the Questionnaire for her/his respective World Heritage site, while the national focal point is responsible for the completion of Section I and for validating Section II of the questionnaire after it is completed by the respective World Heritage site manager(s).

Submission dates

The final date of submission of the questionnaire both Section I and II by the States Party are as follows:
- Latin America and the Caribbean: 31 July 2022
- Europe and North America : 31 July 2023

National focal points should consider in advance, the amount of time necessary to validate the Section II of questionnaires, as completed by the responsible World Heritage site managers. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to ensure that Section II at the World Heritage property level is completed at 100%, at least 3-4 months prior to the final submission deadline.

Training tools and guidance

The various translated versions of the training tools and guidance available in a diverse range of languages, have been made possible thanks to the initiatives and contributions of the States Parties, UNESCO Category 2 Centres and UN volunteers.

Handbook for World Heritage
site managers

This concised handbook aims to provide to new World Heritage site managers with an overview of the 1972 World Heritage Convention's Periodic Reporting process.

English Français Español العربية Português नेपाली 中文 

What is
Periodic Reporting?

A video explaining the Periodic Reporting exercise, a global conservation monitoring activity and a requirement of the World Heritage Convention.

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Section II 
of the Questionnaire

A video aimed primarily at World Heritage site managers explaining section II of the questionnaire, a global conservation monitoring activity and a requirement of the World Heritage Convention.

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